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Asus is a rapidly expanding manufacturer name making budget-friendly devices with significant features attached. But when that is not enough for advanced users who expect more than what is in the stock frame, we could not miss talking about Asus Flash Tool.

If you are an Android user there’s no doubt that you would like to experience additional system enhancement coming through Android Root or flash. Since Android is the main Operating system of the Asus, we would like to recommend Asus Flash Tool, one of the significant tools for Asus smartphone users.

With support Android running Zenfone gets with this flash utility, we hear calling it Asus Zenfone Flash tool. Just as many similar flash applications, this too come supporting through Windows PC.

With the updated release of version, it now adds support for many Android running Zenfones making stock firmware flash and more similar to 100% success. But remember that it only supports RAW ROM packages. You need to have a PC to make a connection with the device in order to perform the flashing.

For that, you should install the supporting USB drivers on the computer. This will take all the backups of the device and also you can use Asus Flash Tool to restore the backup files as well.

Majority of the Zenfone users would prefer to flash the stock firmware of the device when they found the device got stuck, laggy or buggy. Asus Flash tool is the specific flashing tool they introduced to Asus Zenfone devices. It lets users to Flash the stock firmware of the Zenfones and bring the devices back to a brand new state.

Why Is the Asus Flash Tool So Special?

This is the topmost flashing tool for Zenfone devices thanks to their premium features and performances. There you could find flashing tools for every Android device easily but when it comes to Asus Zenfone, you could not find any other device which will never support the device as this great tool does.

You can flash stock firmware on your Android running Zenfone. Asus Flash tool supports most of the Zenfones in the market. There are many cool features and functions you can enjoy with the Asus Zenfone Flash Tool.

Additionally, ASUS flashing utility was developed using the latest technologies and you don’t need to be concerned about the flashing safety issues at all. This tool was developed by ASUS and today anyone can download ASUS flash tool on any type of ASUS device for 100% free.

So, If you are looking for a tool to flash stock firmware on your Zenfone device, then you are on the right page. Download Asus Zenfone Flash Tool and install it on your PC and let us guide you to flash stock firmware on your Asus Zenfone Android devices. You don’t need to worry if you are a newbie to flashing kind of stuff. We will guide you to do flashing without bricking your device.

Features of ASUS Zenfone Flash Tool

Although it comes as a small tool package in the measures, it is a dominant tool when it comes to the processing. Let us take a look how it functions through the features it takes.

Flash Stock Firmware

The tool here supports flashing Stock firmware on any Asus Zenfone model. With correct firmware downloaded, you can upgrade/ downgrade easily through downloading Asus Flash.

Allows to Backup Apps

Not all of the flash utilities are ready to support in backup apps. But luckily, Asus Zenfone Flash Tool here is doing that perfectly supporting backup apps and restores. The apps include which the user has installed on the device. But here it lacks support to backup application data which relates to restoring settings of the app.

Backup System Apps

It also carries support in backup system apps which you would be able to restore easily. For the ease of the user, the app files are going to save in the format of .ab on the computer.

Upgrade/ Downgrade firmware

Upgrade or downgrade the firmware of your Asus Zenfone with the support of Zenfone Flash Tool on your device. All you have to do is to download correct firmware on your device.

Progress bar Feature

One of the interesting things about downloading Asus Flash is its simple and upfront UI where you are only required for selecting the correct file and direct to process. And with the live progress bar, we could see the process of the program from which we could see whether data is connected and the program is still going.

Restore Backup

This Tool also allows users to restore the backup that you have created including the Custom Apps Backup and Pre-Installed System Apps from the computer.

Advantages of Asus Flash Tool

Simple UI

You can use this flashtool without any worries since it has a simple user interface. Anyone can use it to flash stock firmware files on their Zenfone device. All you have to do is install this application on your PC, connect the device to it, and then choose the stock firmware file to launch the flashing process.

Supports All Asus Zenfone Devices

This tool supports all of the Asus Zenfone Android devices to flash stock or custom firmware.

Supports All Windows Versions

This tool supports all windows-based computers running on Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 8.1, Windows 8,Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Backup your Device

This tool let you to take a back up of your data. If you get your device entirly damaged or data lost while flashing stock ROM, with Asus Flash Tool you can secure your data and device easily.

Latest Version of Asus Flash Tool

Version Information
Tool Name Asus Flash Tool
Platform Supported Windows Only
Windows Version Supported Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10
Developer Asus
Version V2.0.1
Size 5.37MB
Downloads More than 50,000

Supported Devices & Compatibility

Asus Flash supports following devices.

  • First Generation- ZenFone 4/5/6
  • Second Generation- ZenFone zoom/c/2/2 Laser/Max/Selfie/Go[32]/2E
  • Third Generation- ZenFone AR /3 series
  • Fourth Generation- 4 series
  • Fifth Generation- 5 series/Max series (M1)/Live series (L1) and ZenFone ROG gaming series


Change Log (v2.0.1) updated on 4 September 2015

  1. It has fixed automatically closing of the tool after 3 sec.
  2. It has a fixed layout in the backup/restore tab.

Change Log (v2.0) updated on 1 September 2015

  1. Able to check for updates automatically after 5 seconds on startup.
  2. Able to connect user device automatically.
  3. Supports brand new Android bridge API.
  4. Supports Windows XP and upper versions of windows.
  5. Minimum requirement is .net framework 4.0 on PC.

Asus Flash Download - Direct Links Zone

The flashing application is compatible with all Windows platforms up to Windows XP. Considering the compatible field it shows Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 as results. Original Asus USB driver installation is an urgent requirement for the manner. Asus Tool download can perform on both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems as well. Click on the respective direct download link and pick the awesome flashing app to repair Asus devices in an easy way.

Important: Use "" as the Password to unzip the files

Version Download Link
ASUS.Flash.Tool.v2.0.1 - Latest Download
ASUS.Flash.Tool.v1.0.0.45 Download
ASUS.Flash.Tool.v1.0.0.34 Download
ASUS.Flash.Tool.v1.0.0.24 Download
ASUS.Flash.Tool.v1.0.0.17 Download
ASUS.Flash.Tool.v1.0.0.14 Download
ASUS.Flash.Tool.v1.0.0.11 Download
ASUS.Flash.Tool.v1.0.0.7 Download

How to Install Asus Flash Tool on Windows PC/ Laptop

Pre-arrangements before flashing

  • Download and Install correct Stock ROM for your device
  • Download and Install Asus Flash Tool latest version
  • Keep a complete backup of the device
  • Keep a sufficient battery power at least 60%
  • Working USB Cable
  • Require an Active Internet connection
  • Download and Install latest USB drivers for your device

Once you have all the above requirements, Let's get started to use the Asus Zenfone Tool by following the below tutorial.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Asus Zenfone Flash Tool.

Step 2: Once the download is completed, unzip the file and extract the folder inside on your desktop

Step 3: Navigate to the extracted folder there you could see the content inside the folder similar to this.

Step 4: Double click on Asus_Zenfone_FlashTool_2.0.1 and then tap on Next.

Step 5: Choose the location where you want to install the Asus Zenfone Flash Tool.

Step 6: Click on “Next” and then tap on Install.

Step 7: Once the installation is completed, tap on “Finish”.

Finally, It’s done! Now you have to Install or flash stock ROM on Asus Zenfone devices using the Asus flashing Tool. Let’s get started without any further delay.

How to Use Asus Zenfone Flash Tool to flash Stock ROMs/ Firmware

Step 1: First of all check whether you have installed the latest Asus USB drivers on your PC before heading to the flashing process. Once you have the latest Asus USB drivers on your PC, open the Asus Flash app on your PC.

Step 2: Download the relevant Asus Firmware from Asus website.

Step 3: Once completed, navigate to the Asus firmware which you have downloaded earlier.

Step 4: Next, tap on the flash button to start the firmware flashing. Meantime, you have to boot your device when it asks to boot your device into recovery mode. To boot your device, press and hold volume down and volume up key to boot into recovery mode.

Step 5: After you reach the recovery mode, click on Apply update from ADB and then tap on the resume button in the tool to start the flashing process again. This will take some time duration to fully flash the stock ROM on your device.

Step 6: Once the flashing process is completed successfully. Reboot your device and disconnect it from your computer.

Refer to this video if you have any doubt in the above tutorial.

Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we flash custom ROM using Asus Flash Utility?

No, Don’t even think to flash any custom ROM with Asus Zenfone flash tool. In order to install custom ROM you have to first install custom recovery and then you can install any custom.

2. Can we Root our Asus device with this tool?

No, It is impossible to root your Asus device with this tool since you need to take support of Magisk or SuperSu which is completely different thing from the Asus Flash Tool.

3. Does this Tool support every Asus Device?

Zenfone Flash Tool supports almost every Asus device. Additionally, it is introduced for Asus devices only and you don’t need to worry about how old your Asus device is, it will support your device regardless of the version.

4 . Is Asus Zenfone Flash Tool free?

Yes, this Tool is not paid at all. It is 100% free.

5 . Is this tool safe and secure to use?

Yes, this tool is totally safe and secure to use. You don’t need to bother about anything.

6. What is the Size of this Tool?

It depends and changes on version to version. For now, the size of the latest version of Asus flash tool is 5.74 MB only.

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